Reworked Polo Shirt Twin Set


Made from an oversized polo shirt split in half, the upper half forming a drawstring polo top. The lower half made into a skirt with an elastic waistband. The sleeves were used to make the waistband & ties.


  • Production Time: 8  hours of work
  • Size: S/M approx
  • Please see Garment Info for full measurements & information

Reworked Polo Shirt Twin Set

  • Fabric: Cotton/Polyester Blend

    Sizing: S/M 

    Polo Top - 

    • Chest: 40"/
    • Waist: 40"/
    • Neck: 20"/

    Skirt - 

    • Waist (max): 36"/
    • Length (waist to hem): 17"/


    Care Instructions: Hand Wash or Machine Wash on delicate. Please wash below 40 degrees.