Reworked Wool Skirt with Frayed Hem


This started life as a vintage ankle length skirt, that I cropped to a more wearable knee length. The left overs of the skirt I combined with other left overs to make my patchwork scarves. The pleats give for a flared fit, it is also fully lined.


  • Production Time: 3 1/2 hours of work
  • Size: 30" Waist 
  • Please see Garment Info for full list of measurements

Reworked Wool Skirt with Frayed Hem

  • Fabric: Wool (outer shell) Polyester (lining)

    Waist - 30" waist

    • Waist: 30” / 76cm
    • Length (waist to hem) - 17” / 43cm
    • Fringe from hem - 2”/5cm
    • Full length- 19” / 48cm

    Production Time: 3 1/2 hours of work